Blogging in Bed Can Lead to Nightmares

Blogging in Bed Can Lead to Nightmares

My column in the Chattanooga Times Free Press today. 


Public reading!

Reading at Meacham Writer's Workshop last year

I’m excited to be reading at River City Sessions at The Camp House in Chattanooga Friday, Oct. 11 at 6:30. I’ll be reading an excerpt from Good Bones: A Memoir of Sex, Death and Real Estate. The chapter is called Rollercoaster Road and the excerpt is about unwittingly (well, at first) helping a landlord evict a family of four from a ramshackle house I hoped to rent. I will be sharing the stage with poet Kemmer Anderson. Come hear!

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Woman on a Bike to be on Exhibit for Artscapes, Knoxville Museum of Art’s Fundraiser

Congrats to my husband Daryl Thetford!


Woman on a Bike to be on Exhibit for Artscapes, Knoxville Museum of Art's Fundraiser

Daryl Thetford
I am once again delighted to have been chosen to be part of the KAM Exhibit.

Digital photo collage on aluminum
62 x 36 inches
Estimated value $1,800 – $2,000
Chattanooga, TN

Presented by the Guild of the KMA

Knoxville Convention Center

Clinch Concourse

  • Preview Brunch – Sunday, October 6
  • 11:00AM – 2:00PM
  • Evening Gala – Friday, October 11
  • Silent Auction – 6:00PM
  • Dinner & Live Auction – 8:00PM
  • Valet Parking Available

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Salon 604 is Tonight!

Tonight is the fourth (or is it the 6th?) installment of Salon 604, where we get together with 18 of our closest friends and talk about Something Really Interesting. It all happens in our living room for two magical hours once a month. Tonight’s theme: Do you believe in magic? What’s your stand on coincidence, serendipity, kismet? Is a cigar ever really just a cigar? What does it mean, “If you build it they will come?” Will they really? Always? And who are “they”? Previous topics have covered “What is family?” “What’s the meaning of work and what is hedonism?” “If you won the lottery (enough money for the rest of your life, let’s say)–after you were finished funding your pet projects and buying stuff and giving money to friends and family–what would you do with your life and time?”

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Renegade Writer Press

notes on writing and life from the tower

Huffington Post

notes on writing and life from the tower


notes on writing and life from the tower

Daryl Thetford Art

Photo-collage artist. 10-75 photographs that I personally shoot and develop are combined together, transforming them into limited or one of a kind images.


notes on writing and life from the tower